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Welcome to Morning Moon Alpacas

We are Thinking that You are Here Because...

- You want to learn more about alpacas and/or their incredibly amazing soft fleece

- You may want to come for an educational farm tour, to learn about alpacas

- You want read Articles about the health of alpacas e.g., "The Silent Killer"

- Possibly you are interested in purchasing an alpaca, fiber, roving or yarn

- You might want to learn about tax benefits of investing in alpacas

- You heard about our incredible bloodlines and our reputation

- We have 8 Herd sires for sale or stud, all on sale.

If Any of These Reasons is Your Goal Then You Have Come to the Correct Place!

We are Looking Forward to Working with You, No Matter What Your Level of Interest Might Be.

So what ever your reason for visiting our website... give us a call today!

Mike and Dianne Six
Let's Talk Fiber

Morning Moon is offering a "Great Savings" on all of our alpacas. We have decided after 22 years raising alpacas it is time to downsize. We are not going out of business and plan to stay involved for years to come.

Which herd-sire(s) would you what to have for your future generations? We are offering discounted breeding's and sales to our remaining studs. These males have to die for bloodlines, amazing fiber and conformation. Contact me for additional information.

WE HAVE SOLD ALL BREEDING FEMALES. Our older females are pastured to live out their last years after giving many cria to our farm.

Fiber is the future of the alpaca business, and alpacas with fine fiber that stays fine (called: lingering fineness) as the years go by will hold their value. This is and has been the primary goal of our breeding program.

The preferred color of the international fiber market used to be white, but the international fiber industry and the cottage industry are currently looking more to natural colors because of the green earth movement. However, we offer the spectrum of colors with alpacas in white, beige, fawn, brown, silver grey, rose grey and black. Whatever colors you are breeding for, using superb alpacas with outstanding genetics will help you to breed alpacas of lasting quality and value.

Passing highly regarded genetic traits with our wide selection of pedigreed herd-sires from some of the top bloodlines in the country is proven right on our farm. Come and put your hands on their offspring and see for yourself. We have several generations to help you compare the strength of the genetics we offer.

Mentoring new and existing alpaca owners is our key to success. We offer 24/7 mentoring services such as: remote or hands on assistance for cria delivery, herd health protocol, farm layout, fiber (from shearing to product), marketing, sales, training both alpacas and owners, and much more. Take advantage of our many years of experience and jump ahead of the learning curve to accelerate your successful alpaca business. If you are successful, it makes the business of raising alpacas in the US successful. We welcome your questions!

Come and visit, you may find an incredible addition to your herd.

Want to start your own alpaca business? Contact us to discuss a whole herd purchase at an incredible discount.


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