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Agisting/Boarding Services

Your Alpacas "Home Away From Home"

Contact Us for Pricing & Terms *MASTERCARD, VISA, Discover & AMEX Accepted*

Morning Moon Alpacas is ideally situated to allow us to agist (board) alpacas purchased from us by folks unable or not ready to have their alpacas on their own property. When an alpaca is living with us, it is treated with the same personal consistent care and nurturing with which we tend our own. Open visitations anytime.

We have separate facilities for:
- moms and babies
- weanlings'
- adult/open, pregnant and unproven females
- yearling males
- adult males

Each group has their own relaxed environment. We welcome, and want, you to come inspect our facilities for yourself. (Most alpacas purchased from us include a negotiated free agisting period.)

- Herd Health is Performed Every 45 Days
- Recorded Weight
- Deworming (Dectomax SQ)
- Trim Nails
- Physical Check (eyelid tissue color, teeth, physical abnormalities, etc.)
- Fecals taken on Herd Health Day and When Deemed Necessary on Individual Alpacas and are Analyzed on Site (Only alpacas with fecal driven parasites are treated with the necessary oral medication (no whole herd treatments)
- Crias weighed daily and recorded during the first 30 days and then once a week for 3 months, then when necessary and at herd health
- All aplacas are viewed multiple times daily and hand picked for up close views when necessary
- This is a full time business for us at MMA so there is someone near the alpacas 24/7
- 24/7 Vet Care With the Animal Clinic of Monett (4 Large Animal Vets Camelid Trained)
- Detailed Records are Recorded in Alpaca Ease Software
- We use Norm Evans Recomended Products & Use The Alpaca Field Manual as Our Main Reference (So does our Vet)
- Open Farm Policy for Owners Visiting Their Alpaca(s)
- Owner Mentoring & Consulting are Included in Boarding Fee

For Additional Information or to Arrange an Appointment Please Contact Us:
All Services are Performed with a Detailed Legal Contract